S&T emergency alert notification system

To receive emergency alerts and updates from anywhere, sign up now.


  • Go to Joe'SS
  • Log in using your userid and password
  • Under Main Menu, click on Emergency Mass Notification

Note:  New students will be prompted to opt into the Emergency Mass Notification System when they log into Joe'SS for the first time.

Faculty & Staff:

  • Go to UM System HR site
  • Log in using your userid and password
  • Under the Main Menu, click Self Service
  • Click Personal Information
  • Click UM Emergency Information
  • You may enter your phone, cell, text and pager numbers as well as an alternate email address
  • Click Opt-In or Opt-Out

Note:  The alternate personal email address is for emergencies only; the university will only use your official University email to conduct official University business


Why should you opt-in to the emergency alert system?

  • You'll receive emergency news and updates regardless of where you are on or off campus.
  • The system is used ONLY for true emergencies (natural disaster; human or technological crisis) and once a semester for a system test.
  • There is no charge for service except whatever your mobile carrier charges for the incoming call or text message.
  • You can update your contact information anytime, online through Joe'SS or MyHR.
  • Your contact information is kept secure and confidential and will NEVER be used to SPAM you.